Microservice architecture patterns and best practices

Today, there are several trends that are forcing application architectures to evolve. Users expect a rich, interactive and dynamic user experience on a wide variety of clients including mobile devices. Applications must be highly scalable, highly available and run on cloud environments. Organizations often want to frequently roll out updates, even multiple times a day. Consequently, it’s no longer adequate to develop simple, monolithic web applications that serve up HTML to desktop browsers.

This site describes a new, alternative architecture: microservices. Applications with a microservice architecture consist of a set of narrowly focused, independently deployable services. Read on to find out more about this approach and its associated trade-offs.

A good starting point is the Monolithic Architecture pattern.

Example microservices applications

Want to see an example? Check out Chris Richardson's Money Transfer and Kanban board examples

Featured pattern:
Microservice chassis

Build your microservices using a microservice chassis framework, so that you can get started faster.

Microservices adoption:
Who is using microservices?

Many companies are either using microservices or considering using them. Read the case studies...

New training video from O'Reilly: event-driven microservices

Learn about patterns for developing, deploying and refactoring microservices.

Microservices consulting and training

Microservices.io is brought to you by Chris Richardson. Experienced software architect, author of POJOs in Action and the creator of the original CloudFoundry.com. His latest startup is eventuate.io, a microservices application platform.

He offers microservices consulting, workshops and hands on training classes.

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Need on-site, microservices training in New York or London?

Chris will be in New York the week of June 13th and London the week of June 27th and is available to teach on-site, microservices classes.

Example microservices applications

Want to see an example? Check out Chris Richardson's example applications

The patterns

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