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There is no such thing as a microservice!

Last week I gave a keynote at Oracle Code 2017 in New York. The title of the talk was “There is no such thing as a microservice!”. The key points are:

  • The microservice architecture is an architectural style that structures an application as a collection of loosely coupled services.
  • The goal is to support the continuous delivery/deployment of software by small, autonomous teams. Each team is responsible for one or more services. Service size is much less important.
  • It makes little or no sense to discuss individual microservices or, for example, to “use a microservice to solve a problem”.
  • The microservices pattern language enables you to solve key problems when using the microservice architecture
  • An event-driven architecture is a good way to tackle distributed data management challenges that arise microservice architecture.

A SD Times article summarized the talk.

Later that day I also did a Reddit AMA.


Here are the slides:

There is no such thing as a microservice! (oracle code nyc) from Chris Richardson


Here is the video starting at 14:20

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