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Since early 2012, I’ve given numerous presentations on microservices and related topics. Here are the links to the slides, videos and sample code for those talks.

Overview of microservices

Microservices: decomposing applications for testability and deployability

This presentation is a great overview of the microservice architecture.

There is no such thing as a microservice!

This presentation defines the microservice architecture.

Potholes in the road from monolithic hell: Microservices adoption anti-patterns

This presentation covers several anti-patterns of microservices adoption that I’ve observed while working with clients around the world.

Distributed data management in a microservice architecture

Not Just Events: Developing Asynchronous Microservices

This presentation describes how to implement transactions with sagas, which are sequences of local transactions coordinated using messages. You will learn how to implement queries using Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS), which uses events to maintain replicas, and will hear about the key role messaging plays in a microservice architecture.

Managing data consistency in a microservice architecture using Sagas

This presentation is a more in depth look at using sagas to maintain data consistency in a microservice architecture.

Events on the outside, on the inside and at the core

This presentation looks at the importance of events and the role that they play in applications.

Miscellaneous presentations

A pattern language for microservices

This presentation describes the microservices pattern language.

Developing polyglot persistence applications

This presentation explores the issues with database (SQL/NOSQL) synchronization within a microservice architecture.

Futures and Rx Observables: powerful abstractions for consuming web services asynchronously

This presentation looks at how to use Futures and Rx Observables to simplify concurrent API Gateway code.

NodeJS: the good parts? A skeptic’s view

This presentation discusses the pros and cons of implementing an API gateway using NodeJS.

About is brought to you by Chris Richardson. Experienced software architect, author of POJOs in Action, the creator of the original, and the author of Microservices patterns.

Chris helps clients around the world adopt the microservice architecture through consulting engagements, and training classes and workshops.

New virtual bootcamp: Distributed data patterns in a microservice architecture

My virtual bootcamp, distributed data patterns in a microservice architecture, is now open for enrollment!

It covers the key distributed data management patterns including Saga, API Composition, and CQRS.

It consists of video lectures, code labs, and a weekly ask-me-anything video conference repeated in multiple timezones.

The regular price is $395/person but use coupon FLYDMKMY to sign up for $220 (valid until October 4th,2021). There are deeper discounts for buying multiple seats.

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Eventuate is Chris's latest startup. It makes it easy to use the Saga pattern to manage transactions and the CQRS pattern to implement queries.

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