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Since early 2012, I’ve given numerous presentations on microservices and related topics. Here are a few of them. These presentations cover the following topics.

Overview of the microservice architecture

Jfokus: Cubes, Hexagons, Triangles, and More: Understanding Microservices

This presentation that I gave at JFokus 2020 is a great overview of the microservice architecture.

There is no such thing as a microservice!

This presentation defines the microservice architecture.

Modular monoliths and microservices: architectural patterns for rapid, reliable, frequent and sustainable development

In this presentation, I describe loose coupling and modularity and why they are is essential. You will learn about three architectural patterns: traditional monolith, modular monolith and microservices. I describe the benefits, drawbacks and issues of each pattern and how well it supports rapid, reliable, frequent and sustainable development. You will learn some heuristics for selecting the appropriate pattern for your application.

Designing a microservice architecture

Using patterns and pattern languages to make better architectural decisions

In this presentation, which I gave at the O’Reilly Software Architecture Superstream: Software Architecture Patterns, I describe the microservices pattern language. I also describe how thinking with the pattern mindset - context/problem/forces/solution/consequences - leads to better technical decisions.

QCONSF 2022: Dark Energy, Dark Matter and the Microservices Patterns?!

In this presentation, I describe how dark energy and dark matter are excellent metaphors for the competing forces (a.k.a. concerns) that must be resolved by the microservices pattern language. You will learn that dark energy, which is an anti-gravity, is a metaphor for the repulsive forces that encourage decomposition into services. I describe how dark matter, which is an invisible matter that has a gravitational effect, is a metaphor for the attractive forces that resist decomposition and encourage the use of a monolithic architecture. You will learn how to use the dark energy and dark matter forces as guide when designing services and operations.

QConPlus 2021: Takeout burritos and minimizing design-time coupling in a microservice architecture

I gave this presentation at QConplus 2021. It illustrates how to design loosely coupled services using the problem of ordering burritos.

Service collaboration patterns in a microservice architecture

Dark energy, dark matter and microservice architecture collaboration patterns

In this presentation, I describe how to design system operations that span services using microservice architecture collaboration patterns: Saga, Command-side replica, API composition, and CQRS patterns. I describe how each of these patterns resolve the dark energy and dark matter forces differently.

Not Just Events: Developing Asynchronous Microservices

This presentation describes how to implement transactions with sagas, which are sequences of local transactions coordinated using messages. You will learn how to implement queries using Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS), which uses events to maintain replicas, and will hear about the key role messaging plays in a microservice architecture.

Managing data consistency in a microservice architecture using Sagas

This presentation is a more in depth look at using sagas to maintain data consistency in a microservice architecture.

Events on the outside, on the inside and at the core

This presentation looks at the importance of events and the role that they play in applications.

Documenting a microservice architecture

Using scenarios to reinvigorate your microservice architecture

In this presentation, I’ll describe techniques for creating minimal yet effective documentation for your application’s microservice architecture. In particular, you will learn how documenting scenarios can bring your architecture to life.

Adopting the microservice architecture

Potholes in the road from monolithic hell: Microservices adoption anti-patterns

This presentation covers several anti-patterns of microservices adoption that I’ve observed while working with clients around the world.

Decompose your monolith: Six principles for refactoring a monolith to microservices

This presentation describes six principles for refactoring a monolith to a microservice architecture.

Considering Migrating a Monolith to Microservices? A Dark Energy, Dark Matter Perspective

This presentation describes the dark energy and dark matter forces (a.k.a. concerns) that you must consider when deciding between the monolithic and microservice architectural styles. You will learn about how well each architectural style resolves each of these forces. I describe how to evaluate the relative importance of each of these forces to your application. You will learn how to use the results of this evaluation to decide whether to migrate to the microservice architecture.

About is brought to you by Chris Richardson. Experienced software architect, author of POJOs in Action, the creator of the original, and the author of Microservices patterns.

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