Microservice Architecture Glossary

A work-in-progress definition of terms that are not expressed as patterns.


A service’s reason for existing. It consists of:


A command is an operation that mutates data.


An endpoint that is invokable by a service’s client. There are two types of operations: commands and queries An operation can be invoked synchronously or asynchronously.


A pattern is a “reusable solution to a problem that occurs in particular context”. Read more


A query is an operation that retrieves data.


Each service is an element of the Microservice Architecture that is:

  • Highly maintainable and testable
  • Loosely coupled with other services
  • Independently deployable - it an independently deployable/executable component, such as a WAR file, executable JAR, EAR file, OSGI Bundle, or operating System executable
  • Owned by a small, cross-functional team

A service has an API.

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