Extracting the Delivery Service - Step 5, Removing obsolete code from the monolith

This article describes the fifth step in the process of extracting the Delivery Service from the FTGO application monolith. The previous articles are as follows:

  1. About the FTGO monolith
  2. Step 1: Split the code
  3. Step 2: Split database
  4. Step 3: Create and deploy the Delivery Service
  5. Step 4: Use the Delivery Service

After step 4, the Delivery Service manages deliveries. The fifth step is to remove the now obsolete delivery management code from the FTGO application.

This change is actually quite simple. The two main changes we need make are

  • remove ftgo-delivery-backend module as a dependency
  • remove the @Configuration class that @Imports classes from that module

There are also a few other minor changes, such as renaming a build script.

Module structure

The following diagram shows the new module structure:

The key change is that the ftgo-delivery-service-proxy module no longer depends on the ftgo-delivery-backend module.

Git commits

These changes are in the extract-delivery-service-05-delete-old-code branch and consist of a single commit

What’s next

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